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Make WAY Better than Delivery Pizza at Home!

I’m consistently disappointed in the quality of the delivery #pizza I get. It’s probably because I hold it to a higher standard than I should. My favorite place to get a pie is in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to either of the two #Pizzicletta locations so sometimes I make a weekend of it just for pizza 😜

Thats a bit of a haul so enter the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven! I’ve made pizza before on my Big Green Egg but it doesn’t quite cook it like a true pizza oven can and it’s lack luster in a conventional oven. The Ooni simply cooks it fast under super high heat just like the pizza oven at Pizzicletta.

Once you’ve got your Ooni Pizza Oven dough is the next step. Now this I’ve been working on for awhile now. I do a very simple Neapolitan style dough of just Water, 00 Flour, Salt and Yeast. I like to proof it for at least 24 hours but 48-72 seems to make it perfect.

The great thing about making your own pizza at home is that you can put ANYTHING you want on it. However, if you’re doing Neapolitan pizza, since it’s a thinner more delicate dough/crust, you do not want to over due it with the toppings. Less is more and believe me the better quality the ingredients you use you don’t need to pile it on like delivery.

The #Ooni Fyra that I have is fueled with wood pellets but I have an Ooni Karu on the way that uses real wood or charcoal for that truly classic wood fired taste. The Ooni Karu also can be converted to use gas with an additional attachment. I’m REALLY looking forward to receiving my Ooni Karu so I can get that perfect wood fired restaurant quality pizza 🍕 at home!

Order your own Ooni Pizza Oven and tools by clicking HERE

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