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How do we do we get so many buyers through your home?

Think of your home as a Hollywood Movie with fantastic Pre-Marketing Buzz, Trailers and Teasers…then it’s released for a BIG OPENING WEEKEND!
Here is an 

Here is what we do to get the highest price, best offer and terms for you in a stress free way:
Coming Soon Status
Our REALTOR® MLS allows us to list your property in the MLS in a Coming Soon Status for 30 Days. We like to do this for a minimum of 7 Days. This allows buyers represented by REALTORS to see your property BEFORE it hits the Open Market in Active Status. While in Coming Soon Status buyers can book Showing Appointments. On average our listings garner 5-8 Pre-Booked Appointments BEFORE it hits the Open Market!
Staging, Updates and Repairs
We guide you in what to do to get your home to look its best. If you want to do as little as possible that's okay. Just a simple deep cleaning along with removing any sunscreens and or privacy screens to let us much natural light in it will pay serious dividends. We have access to all sorts of contractors and a cleaning crew so if you do not want to lift a finger we can have someone do it for you. Cleaning, a little fresh paint, lots of natural light and simple repairs will easily get you an extra $20-25K in this market. 
Professional Photos
Nothing turns off a buyer more than poor quality photos. I still can’t believe that at least twice a week I see a photo being taken on a phone with the reflection of the real estate agent in the mirror. There is no reason to do this when a simple professional photo package starts at $150. Our photographers take stunning photos of your home that will make it stand out and bring buyers through your door. 
Professional Walkthrough and Aerial Drone Video
In this day and age every REALTOR® should be providing their clients with a professionally shot walkthrough video of your home along with drone video. This is needed to get top dollar in this market. When the pandemic hit we had already been doing walkthrough/drone videos for years so it was an easy segue for us to give potential buyers a very realistic look at what the home was like without having to step foot in the house. Fast forward to now and it’s still an immensely important tool for you as a seller. In open house after open house we have buyers tell us that the walkthrough video was VERY helpful and was one of the main reasons they decided to come look at it in person. A video drives way more potential buyers to your home and more buyers means more offers which translates to a higher sales price. 
Social Media Advertising
Advertising in magazines and newspapers, postcards and the like are not even close to being as effective as advertising on social media. Your reach is so much better, the quality and impact (if you use professional photos and video) is priceless. 
One of our recent Social Media Campaign reached over 26,000 people with 8,100 click throughs! 
Here is what happened on one of our recent listings:
We put it in Coming Soon Status for 21 Days
Pre-Booked 8 Showing Appointments
Listed on the market in Active Status for 5 Days
During those 5 Days we had 26 Unique Realtor/Buyer Showing Appointments
This resulted in:
4 Offers
If you choose us to represent you in the sale of your home we will do everything within our power to get you the highest price and best terms!
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