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We ❤️ these Vendors, Contractors and Products

Here you'll find vendors, contractors, products that we highly recommend for your home and anything else we may find helpful for you.
Dean recently got an Ooni Fyra for his Birthday from his Dad. It uses wood pellets so it’s easy to start, super portable and easy to use. He loves it sooo much he got a 2nd Wood Fired one! Not only can you make restaurant quality pizzas 🍕 in here you can also roast vegetables and even do meats! If you’d like your own click the button.
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We met Connor a few years ago. He was the lender for one of our clients and soon after he contacted us to purchase his first home. Since then we've done several transactions together. Connor is an owner of Mountain to Desert Mortgage and provides superior service and very competitive rates.
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When it comes to roofs we do not hesitate to recommend AZ Roofing Works. We've been giving out their number for so long we can't remember when we started! They inspect roofs for us during pre-listings and for buyer inspections and have replaced roofs and completed repairs for us personally and for our clients. If you'd like a quote, click the button.
At least once per year you should have BulletProof Mechanical come out and service your HVAC System. Here in the Valley of the Sun cooling should not be taken for granted. Keeping it up, serviced along with changing your filters every 2 months will keep your system running efficiently. We use BulletProof Mechanical for all of our pre-listings and for buyer inspections and they have serviced or replaced HVAC's for us personally and for our clients for years. They are also Veteran Owned! Click the button to schedule them. 
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Need to remodel a bath, kitchen or your entire home? Give Ed "Eddie" Pongratz a call. He is our go to General Contractor that can make your dream and vision come to life. He can also do ground up custom construction. We've known Ed for years now and have referred him to dozens of clients. 
We're pretty sure Jimmy Joe has been plumbing longer than Dean has been doing real estate and thats 24+ years. We've been recommending Jimmy Joe's Plumbing for a very long time. He's saved us many times by coming out and fixing leaks, completing inspection repairs and we do not hesitate to have our clients call him. He does it all and does it well. Click the button to schedule him.
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