Everyone deserves to receive a level of service that is befitting a million dollar home owner, no matter the price of the home. Why settle for a lower standard when you can have the highest level of expertise and service without breaking the bank? Whether you are considering purchasing or selling your home you demand the best!  


Luxury Real Estate usually conjures up images of million dollar homes, lamborghinis and yachts…Things only the uber rich can afford: expensive, extravagant living. We prefer the alternative definitions of Luxury which pertain to service:


“a condition or situation of great comfort and ease”

“something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available”


In other words you deserve a higher level of expertise and service no matter the price point. A real estate experience that is not stressful, where you know that a professional has your best interests first and will be there after you’ve completed the process.  This is Luxury Real Estate Redefined. 

Our level of client care, attention to detail and the experience will make you feel like you’ve slept in a Ritz Carlton and dined at a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant without breaking the bank. Our listing fees are equal to that of a traditional broker and our buyer representation is free, paid for by the seller.    


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